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Change-Point Analyzer Help Contents

Table of Contents
What is a Change-Point Analysis?
Getting Started
What's New in Version 2.3
Excel Add-In - Installing and Using
Menu Bar
File Menu
Edit Menu
Analysis Menu
Window Menu
Help Menu
Data Window
Rename Sheet Dialog Box
Move Sheets Dialog Box
Analysis Results Window
Tab 1: Plot - Values
Tab 2: Table Changes - Values
Tab 3: CUSUM - Values
Tab 4: Plot - Variation
Tab 5: Table Changes - Variation
Tab 6: CUSUM - Variation
Tab 7: Assumptions
Custom Analysis Dialog Box
Advanced Options Dialog Box
Analysis Status Dialog Box
Registration Dialog Box
About Dialog Box
Confidence Level for Change
Confidence Interval for Time of Change
Attribute Data
Ranked Data
Cumulative Sum Chart (CUSUM)
Child Window
Individuals Control Chart
Maximum Difference of CUSUM Chart
Independent Errors
Coefficient of Variation (CV)
How to Register
Registration Form
Technical Support
Uninstalling Change-Point Analyzer
Plot Options Dialog Box
Title Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
Axis Style Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
Y-Axis Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
X-Axis Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
Key Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
Lines Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
Other Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box

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