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Distribution Analyzer 1.2 Help Contents

Table of Contents
What is Distribution Analyzer?
Getting Started
What's New in Version 1.2
Menu Bar
File Menu
Edit Menu
Analysis Menu
Window Menu
Help Menu
Data Window
Rename Sheet Dialog Box
Move Sheets Dialog Box
Test Distribution Window
Tab 1: Histogram
Tab 2: Transformed Data
Tab 3: Order - Plot
Tab 4: Order - Analysis
Tab 5: Group - Plot
Tab 6: Group - Analysis
Tab 7: Outliers
Analysis Options Dialog Box
Advanced Options Dialog Box
Generate Random Values Dialog Box
Select/View Distribution Dialog Box
Dice Experiments Dialog Box
Fill Order/Group Column Dialog Box
Tolerance Interval Options Dialog Box
Skewness-Kurtosis Plot Window
Select Distribution to Fit Data Dialog Box
Registration Dialog Box
About Dialog Box
Confidence Level
Moments of a Distribution
Test of Fit
Method of Moments
Maximum Likelihood Method
Child Window
Pre-Transforming Data
Standard Deviation
Shape Parameters
Density and Distribution Functions of a Distribution
Family of Distributions
Bounds, Distribution
Beta Distribution
Exponential Distribution
Negative Exponential Distribution
Largest Extreme Value Family of Distributions
Smallest Extreme Value Family of Distributions
Gamma Family of Distributions
Johnson Family of Distributions
Loglogistic Family of Distributions
Lognormal Family of Distributions
Normal Distribution
Pearson Family of Distributions
Uniform Distribution
Skewness-Kurtosis All Normality Test (All Departures From Normality)
Skewness-Kurtosis Specific Test (Heavy Tails Towards Spec)
Skewness-Kurtosis Plot
Confidence Statement Relative to Spec Limits
Excess Kurtosis
Anderson-Darling Normality Test
Shapiro-Wilks Normality Test
Parameters of a Distribution
Normal Tolerance Interval
Variables Sampling Plan
Ordered Data
Negative of a Distribution
Bounds, Physical
Impossible Region
Capability Index
How to Register
Registration Form
Technical Support
Uninstalling Distribution Analyzer
Plot Options Dialog Box
Title Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
Axis Style Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
Y-Axis Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
X-Axis Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
Key Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
Lines Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box
Other Tab of Plot Options Dialog Box