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The second edition is delayed until the end of the year.  In the interim, electronic copies of the first edition may be purchased.

Cost of the first edition is $69.  This amount will be applied to the second edition, when it is available.  Cost of the second edition will be $129 so those purchasing the electronic version of the first edition will have to pay an additional $60 + postage for the second edition when it becomes available.

The software that accompanies the book can be downloaded from the sampling programs disk page.  The second edition will not include software as it is now a separate product called  Sampling Plan Analyzer.

Guide To Acceptance Sampling - First Edition - Electronic Book (pdf)

      $69     Order in Store   

   ISBN 0-9635122-0-X
   By: Dr. Wayne A. Taylor


Book Objective

This book shows how to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of acceptance sampling in a manufacturing settign. It also serves as a basic introduction to acceptance sampling. The book is intended for the practitioner. It avoids complex mathematical formulas. Instead extensive tables and powerful software are provided.

This book focuses on the core methods that are in common use. It also covers such practical issues as how to select samples, form lots, and where to place inspections. Further, the role of acceptance sampling in today's modern world is explored in detail.

Book Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Evaluating Single Sampling Plans
  3. Selecting Single Sampling Plans
  4. Economical Single Sampling Plans
  5. Practical Considerations
  6. Double Sampling Plans
  7. Quick Switching Systems
  8. Mil-Std-105E (While Mil-Std-105E has been cancelled, this chapter still applies to ANSI Z1.4)
  9. Variables Sampling Plans

Intended Audience

This book is designed for those individuals who select sampling plans and set sampling policy. This includes engineers, manufacturing and quality supervisors, and management.

No statistical background is required. As such, the text serves as an excellent introduction to acceptance sampling. It also includes important new material of interest to the expert including quick switching systems.

Comprehensive Tables

This book includes comprehensive tables of single sampling plans, double sampling plans, quick switching systems, and variable sampling plans all indexed using a common system. This makes it easy to select alternative double sampling plans, quick switching systems and variable sampling plans.

Accompanying Software

This book comes with the sampling programs disk with a comprehensive set of programs for selecting and evaluating different types of sampling plans. For those in the medical industries, this software is validated.  The software can be found inside the back cover of the book.

Important Advance

This book introduces an important new method called quick switching systems. Quick switching systems can reduce sampling costs by as much as 85% or provide equally dramatic improvements in protection. They also serve as a valuable tool for monitoring processes. Quick switching systems replace chain sampling plans and the switching system in Mil-Std-105E.

Pricing and Ordering

Description Catalog # Price
Guide to Acceptance Sampling book - Electronic Version of First Edition (accompanying software downloaded from the sampling programs disk page - runs in DOS compatibility window on 16 and 32 bit machines.) B-01

$69  - delivered electronically

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