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Simulator Software

   simulator.gif  $50     Order in Store   

   Version 2.0 for Windows  XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, including the 64-bit versions.

What is Simulator

Simulator performs Monte-Carlo simulations of products and process for use in training on designed experiments, robust design and tolerance analysis.  Several simulations are provided which can be modified.  You can also add your own simulations.

Upon starting the program, a list of available simulations is displayed.  Selecting a simulation displays a control panel for adjusting the process settings or product characteristics.  Data can be collected on the performance of the product/ process including performing a capability study.  Data can also be generated for designed experiments created using other packages.  The effects of adjusting the inputs can be studied.  One can also tighten tolerances on the inputs using the perform maintenance panel to reduce the variation of the outputs.

The goal is to adjust the input settings to optimize the performance of the product/process.  Further improvements can be made by selectively tightening tolerances if needed.  The goal is to minimize the number and amount of tolerances tightened.  This allows the principles of robust design and tolerance analysis to be demonstrated in a hands on fashion.

Download Full Version of Software - Try Free for 30 Days

A full version of the software can be downloaded below.  After installing you can use it for free for a 30-day trial.  After 30 days, if you want to continue using the software, you must purchase it at a cost of US$50 ($54.13 for residents of Illinois). Click the button below to download the installation program.  The file sim20.exe will be downloaded.  Executing this file will install the software on your system including the user manual.  


Click below to just download the instructors manual including answers to existing simulations and instructions for changing existing simulations and adding new simulations.  The instructor manual file is contained in the file sim20man.pdf. You must have a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader® to view the file.

Instructors Manual for Setting Up Simulations:  

Purchasing Software

    Purchase at our store   

To continue using the software after the 30-day trial period, you must purchase the software at a cost of US$50 ($54.13 for residents of Illinois).  You can purchase the software using our web store.  A user name and registration code will be emailed to you along with further instructions.   You also get free upgrades for 1 year.

Also available are site licenses

Further Information on Simulator:

Other Information on Design of Experiments, Robust Design and Tolerance Analysis:

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