Statistics I (1-day)

Part of Six Sigma Program.


Dr. Wayne A. Taylor

Course Description

Provides a basic introduction to statistics including:

  • A set of questions one should always ask when evaluating or designing statistical studies
  • A classification scheme based on the number and types of input and output variables for determining the proper procedure to use.

It covers the methods for analyzing a set of data from a single group including confidence intervals, comparison to a standard, normality testing and tolerance intervals.  Methos for both attribute and variables data are included.

Primary Audience

This course is intended for scientist, engineers and other technical staff.

Course Outline


  • Introduction
  • Questions You Should Always Ask
  • Estimating Average and Standard Deviation
  • Comparing Average and Standard Deviation to a Standard


  • Testing For Normality
  • Tolerance Intervals
  • Attribute Data



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Course Materials

Participants receive a comprehensive course manual.



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