Successful Acceptance Sampling (1 day)

Focus on manufacturing sampling plans.



Dr. Wayne A. Taylor

Course Description

This course is designed to help improve the effectiveness of your manufacturing sampling program and to reduce costs.  The difference between sampling plans selected for manufacturing and validation is clearly explained.  It also serves as an excellent introduction to acceptance sampling.  No prior knowledge or special math background is required.  It is based on the book Guide to Acceptance Sampling and covers STAT-09, Manufacturing Acceptance Sampling Plans and Inspections, of the book Statistical Procedures for the Medical Device Industry.  It utilizes the Sampling Plan Analyzer software package.    

What You Will Learn

  • How to evaluate the protection provided by your current sampling plans.
  • How to select new sampling plans based on the desired protection.
  • How to set up an inspection program to ensure your sampling plans are based on a valid statistical rationale.
  • How to integrate with validation and SPC.
  • How to reduce costs using double and variable sampling plans.
  • Understand ANSI Z1.4 (MIL-STD-105E) and ANSI Z1.9 (MIL-STD-414).
  • Many practical considerations including placement of inspections, forming lots, selecting representative samples and much more.

Primary Audience

This course is designed for those individuals who select sampling plans for manufacturing or who set sampling policy.  This includes engineers, manufacturing and quality supervisors, and management.  No special statistical or mathematical background is required.

Course Outline

  1. Overview
  2. Evaluating Sampling Plans
  3. Selecting Sampling Plans
  4. Double & Multiple Sampling Plans
  5. Inspection Program
  6. Validation Sampling Plans
  7. Manufacturing Sampling Plans
  8. Trending Inspection Data
  9. ANSI Z1.4
  10. Variables Sampling Plans
  11. Miscellaneous Topics

Software Used



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