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Sampling Plan Analyzer - Site Licenses

Site Licenses: (Can also be applied to a company, division, business unit, etc.)

Size of Site
(Number of Employees)
Price For Site
≤ 1,000 $5,000
≤ 5,000 $10,000
≤ 10,000 $20,000
≤ 30,000 $30,000
> 30,000 $40,000

Site licenses require the payment of the one time fee listed above for a perpetual license to the current version of the software plus free upgrades for 1 year.  The site may install the software on as many machines as it would like and does not have to monitor the number of users.  This allows copies to be installed on stand-alone machines including portables as well as on a network.

Site licenses are based on the total number of employees at the site (division/company) and not the expected number of users.  For 1,000 employees the cost of a site license is $5,000.  For 18 individual copies, the price is $275 each for a total of $4,950.  The site license would be the better option if there are expected to be 18 or more users.  Individual licenses may be the best option if there are 18 or fewer users.  However, the site license offers certain other advantages like being able to put the software on a network and adding more users without additional cost.

Site License Agreement

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