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What's New in Sampling Plan Analyzer 2.0

This Windows software package replaces the older DOS-based Sampling Programs Diskette that accompanies the book Guide to Acceptance Sampling.   Sampling Plan Analyzer has the following new capabilities:


  • ANSI Z1.4 (replacement for MIL-STD-105E) and ANSI Z1.9 (replacement for MIL-STD-414) have been added including the ability to evaluate theprotection provided by the switching procedures.

  • For variables sampling plans for defective units, Form 2 (M method) plans have been added.

  • For variables sampling plans for defective units, you can convert between Form 1 (k method) and Form 2 (M method) plans.  Matching Form 1 (k method) plans are available for all ANSI Z1.9 plans, even when the standard does not provide a Form 1 plan.

  • Multiple sampling plans have been added.

  • Ability to calculate the expected number of stages and specify a cost model that can also be used to select sampling plans.

  • Ability to overlay OC curves, etc.

  • Ability to quickly find matching plans of all types.

Sampling Plan Analyzer does not include all capabilities available on the Sampling Programs Diskette.  Notable items are:


  • Ability to perform measurement error correction for variables sampling plans.

  • Quick Switching Systems

Both these features will be added to future versions of Sampling Plan Analyzer along with many new types of sampling plans including narrow limit gauging and sequential sampling plans.


Below is a partial list of changes from release 1.0. The most significant change is that you can now modify the simulations provided with the software and add your own.

NEW IN 2.0

  • Update to 32-bit program so will run on Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT/Me
  • Use text files to enter information about a simulation so that simulations can be added, removed and changed.
  • Add ability to specify a sample size other than 5 for variable outputs and 100 for attribute outputs in the simulation setup file.
  • Add ability to add attribute outputs where an equation is given for the defect level.  Currently attribute outputs are constructed using continuous equations with spec limits.
  • Add categorical inputs where the levels are specified in the setup file and the user selects a level to run at.
  • Add ability to tighten tolerances on inputs using a new maintenance panel.  Currently user can only adjust targets.
  • Add ability to import design from the clipboard, generate full set of data at once and to export data to the clipboard.
  • Add ability to export capability study and trials data to clipboard for analysis in other programs.
  • Add ability to save simulation in a file and to open previous simulation files. 
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