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What's New in Simulator 2.2


  • Updated copy to clipboard of graphic windows to accommodate high-resolution screens with a scale set higher than 100%. This ensures the bounding box is the same size as the graphic so the graphic does not have to be cropped.
  • Added references for simulations in the Help system under What Does Simulator Do?



  • Help system converted to compiled HTML format compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

NEW IN 2.1

  • Added the ability to reset the control panel to one of the previously run trails or capability studies using the Display/Set Controls to Trial menu item and the Display/Set Controls to Capability Study menu item on the Data menu and toolbar. 
  • Updated capability indices to include both total and within standard deviations and Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk.


Below is a partial list of changes from release 1.0. The most significant change is that you can now modify the simulations provided with the software and add your own.

NEW IN 2.0

  • Update to 32-bit program so will run on Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT/Me
  • Use text files to enter information about a simulation so that simulations can be added, removed and changed.
  • Add ability to specify a sample size other than 5 for variable outputs and 100 for attribute outputs in the simulation setup file.
  • Add ability to add attribute outputs where an equation is given for the defect level.  Currently attribute outputs are constructed using continuous equations with spec limits.
  • Add categorical inputs where the levels are specified in the setup file and the user selects a level to run at.
  • Add ability to tighten tolerances on inputs using a new maintenance panel.  Currently user can only adjust targets.
  • Add ability to import design from the clipboard, generate full set of data at once and to export data to the clipboard.
  • Add ability to export capability study and trials data to clipboard for analysis in other programs.
  • Add ability to save simulation in a file and to open previous simulation files. 
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