Designed of Experiments III - Advanced (1 day)


Dr. Wayne A. Taylor

Course Description

This course teaches how to use Minitab to design specialized designed experiments including augmenting a screening experiment into a response surface study, excluding regions from the study and including higher order effects including cubic terms and 3-way interactions.  It shows how this tool fits in the Robust Tolerance Analysis process for setting specifications as described in STAT-11, Statistical Techniques for Setting Specifications, of the book Statistical Procedures for the Medical Device Industry as well as how it fits into the Six Sigma Improvement and Six Sigma Design processes.  Much of the material is from the book Optimization & Variation Reduction in Quality.

Primary Audience

All scientist, engineers and other technical staff.

What You Will Learn

  • How to design a study that starts with a screening experiment already run and determines the additional trials required to fit a specified design.
  • How to collect additional trials to add terms to a model.
  • How to expand and shift the region of study.
  • Handling covariates and fitting the residuals.

Course Outline


  • Review
  • Augmenting a DOE
  • Strategies
  • Modifying the Region of Study


  • Adding Higher Order Terms
  • Fitting Residuals
  • Extracting the Equation and RTA
  • Final Exercise



The course generally uses the Minitab software package but can incorporate other packages.

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Course Materials

Participants receive the course manual.

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