Statistical Process Control II - Trending Data (1-day)

Part of our Six Sigma program.


Dr. Wayne A. Taylor

Course Description

A follow-up to Statistical Process Control I – Introduction, focusing on applying control charts in manufacturing to improve and maintain process performance.  Topics include determining the number of samples to select, the sampling frequency, how to handle out-of-control points, and how to handle common complications such as multiple characteristics, multiple stations and short production runs.  Control charts for the average, median, range, standard deviation, percent defective and counts are all covered. It also teaches how to effectively implement SPC in a manufacturing plant.

The class is hands on. Several exercises involve the actual collection and analysis of data generated in class. The course is also full of practical advice on how to effectively utilize SPC.  Four detailed cases studies demonstrate the proper role of SPC and potential pitfalls to avoid.  It clarifies where capability studies and control charts fit into the Six Sigma Design and Six Sigma Improvement processes.  Much of the material is from the book Optimization & Variation Reduction in Quality

What You Will Learn

  • How to perform capability studies
  • How to calculate and interpret capability indices such as Cp and Cpk
  • What six sigma quality is and how it relates to capability studies
  • How to construct and interpret control charts
  • How to select the best control chart for the job at hand
  • How to observe trends and patterns on a control chart and detect instabilities in the process
  • The three uses of control charts and how to determine if you are using them effectively
  • How to manage process improvement through variation reduction using SPC and capability studies
  • The best-demonstrated practices for implementing SPC and the pitfalls
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of an SPC implementation

Primary Audience

This course is intended for managers, supervisors and engineers who want to implement SPC in their facility or organization. Previous exposure to the normal distribution and standard deviations is helpful.

Course Outline


  • Review
  • Using Minitab
  • Improve
  • Control
  • Implementing SPC


  • Attribute Control Charts
  • Lognormal Control Charts
  • Special Topics
  • MAIC and IDOV


Course Materials

Participants receive a comprehensive course manual.

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